Kahlil Danai Maramba

Instructional Coach - Technology

As a leader and coach, I facilitate the impactful use of technology within learning environments, empowering learners to construct and enhance their own meaning and learning experiences.

Experience - Current

Instructional Coach For Technology

Saigon South International School, Vietnam


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Outlining how the Collaborative Cycle allowed co-teaching and explaining how it developed teacher efficacy, confidence and developed teacher and student digital literacy skills.

Discussed ways educators can develop or collect content in various media types and curate it for future reference, use it for teaching and learning or easily share with students and colleagues.


21st Century Learning Online Symposium - Presenter.

21st Century Learning Teach Meets - Presenter.


TechCamp#EDU Conference, Namibia - Host

2019, 2020, 2022


EDUTech Africa Conference - Opening Sessions. Debunking myths around the use of technology in education.

EDUTech Africa Conference - How technology transformed learning - the Namibian story.


Organising small group, open, Professional Learning Communities where teachers learned about various technology tools.


Small group interactions with students. Giving students feedback as they use technology to show their thinking.

Parent coffee mornings. Talking to parents about how thier children use technology at school. answering their questions.